Thursday, October 29, 2009

there was also a movie about a guy who was in jail and there was a guy outside of jail killing everybody


I saw a movie once!
With, uh
there was a button
and if you pushed it, you got a million dollars
but it murdered, uh
it killed someone.
You push the button and you get a million dollars
but someone's gotta die.
A million dollars.
Man, I would push that button.
Are you serious? For a million dollars?
I don't fucking care. I'd push it.
I don't fucking care. A million dollars.
You could --
you could like, uh, live on that forever.
You could!
I'd get my mom set up, I'd buy her a house.
Take care of her.
In Delaware they got houses real cheap.
I'd buy her a house in Delaware
and they have these dirt bikes there
these dirt bike courses.
We'd be riding dirt bikes in front of the house
and just sitting outside
smoking weed.
In Delaware.

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Kierra said...

Oh, Brendan. You are an amazing writer! Keep posting! I'm working on compiling a blog roll and your blog is going on for sure!!